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Princess Cooper - Sports Editor & Producer - Sports Talk Host - NeverHadItRadio

                   Martez Taylor - Sports Talk Co-Host, NHISG Media Network                                   Travis McGhee - Sports Talk Host, Sports Talk Atlanta, NHISG Media Network

                              Kevin Walker- Sports Talk Host,  NHISG Media Network                              John Robinson - NeverHadItRadio, NHISG Media Network

David Riley - Sports Talk Host, The Athletes Spotlight, NHISG Media Network

Glenn Deveaux - Sports Talk Contributor, NHISG Media Network 

Yolanda McGhee - Sports Talk Atlanta, Print Photographer

Vincent Myers - NHISG Media Network - Print Photographer

Sports Talk Atlanta
Sports Talk with K. Walk
The Athlete's Spotlight
Sisters On The Sideline
Network Producer/Radio Host
Sports Talk Host
Print Photographer
Sports Talk Atlanta
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